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Monday, September 22, 2008
As stated earlier, we (davis, gay, sanders) are working on LAB (lance armstrong bikeway) project here in Austin.

We have been working with various CNC/waterjet shops on fine tuning our perf patterns for the benches. located below are some studies showing the various options.. stay tuned.



Thursday, September 18, 2008

(click on image for larger view)

Last October Lucy Begg and Myself entered the Cesar Chavez Memorial Competition here in Austin. We felt it was a great proposal to work on and were excited about the possibilities, but they chose to go with a statue instead.
Project Description
A statue of Cesar Chavez was recently unveiled on the UT campus. He is the first Hispanic to be remembered amongst presidents, donors and football coaches. Driving along there today you pass a mural on the side of Longs Motors. Chavez is depicted with a box of fruit and the UFW flag. Big letters spell out his popular quote - ‘Si se puede!’

Amongst these iconic statues, road name changes and murals how could another memorial contribute to the public memory of Chavez in Austin? Our proposal mobilises stories - official events of his life, anecdotes from those who knew him in Austin, details of his continuing legacy today. These would be inscribed along the length of the site outside the library. 66 L-shaped bands would form a sculptural timeline, 8ft high and 200ft long, which could be read, walked along and danced in and out of.

The memorial invites different kinds of engagement with its public, whether drivers, pedestrians, bus users or library visitors. Perhaps you drive past it each day and enjoy the momentary reflection of your car in the mirrored surfaces. One day you might step off the sidewalk and casually read some of the stories. Maybe what you learn even inspires you to check out a book about Chavez from the library.

We imagine that the timeline sculpture would be not only a collective vehicle for commemoration but also an ongoing educational resource and catalyst for actions that continue Chavez’s legacy of social justice.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008
I wanted to get some projects from the vault out there. THOUGHTBARN was commissioned (2007) by Gauge Knits to produce a series of photobased adds for marketing purposes for the local knit store located in Austin. Here are some of the samples that we developed for them.


We (LEAH DAVIS, ROBERT GAY, JACK SANDERS)(breifly none as 'nextproject') were commissioned a couple of years ago to produce the integrated artwork for the LANCE ARMSTRONG BIKEWAY PROJECT, in Austin. (THE PROJECT IS FUNDED BY AIPP)

After some delays with funding, we have begun the fabrication of the benches/signs and paint applications. The entire proposal can be seen
here, below are some recent fabrication images, stay tuned for more information soon.


I am one of the many players of the Texas Playboy Baseball Club, a fun sandlot activity started by my good chap, colleage, Jack Sanders. We played our friends from Philadelphia, The Evil, about three weeks ago, it was fun and we let them win!

THOUGHTBARN donated some time to this fun activity and made a series GOOD VS EVIL photos/flyers/ getting everyone sparked for the weekend