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observational things in the world

not a new project, a great one - let's all buy one

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
hurricane katrina poster project. let's do it.

i love me some photography - like this gal

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
well while perusing around on some peeps sites, i found this gal. courtney chavanell , from ??? i am not sure maybe a-town, maybe not. if anyone knows email leave it in a comment, but she has some nice picks of some fashion jewels and band stuff as well, including the brooklyn boys tv on the radio, which i also like. worm hole. out.

need some bad ass clothes - call this jewel

this lady is doing some smokin work in austin, so if you would love some of her clothes, which i highly recommend, please look and contact her here, machine ballerina. aka jennie fay milne. hot.

oh snap - where did my car go

the future oh the future is upon us, finally big warehouses will have a new identity in urban cores. will we be able to see the cars and all the activity inside while we peruse the streets?? oh please.

lookin in the archives - check it

portable light project , a great project from the vaults.by Sheila Kennedy Principal: Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd. Director of Design & Applied Research: MATx with UMICH arch students.

do you know cynthia connolly - you should

Sunday, January 28, 2007

cynthia is a great artist and inspiring friend. so please support her work if you are in the area of any of these two shows below and if you are not, these show are images of arrow signs, in which she is the queen of.
her invite:
Greetings! I have the same show opening in two different locations!!!!The complete installation will appear in Arlington, Virginia, and partial installation will appear in New York. (basically, the one in Virginia has chairs to lounge on, and the one in New York does not.) I WILL BE AT BOTH OPENINGS!!! Please come if you can!! "SEE ALL FIFTEEN AT ONCE!"Don’t bother travelling all over Alabama!! Cynthia already did it!

Instead, come and lounge at your leisure and see the "real" Alabama through the examination of fifteen roadside arrow signs in photographs printed as 16” X 20” black and white silver gelatin prints with titles letterpressed clearly across the front! NO NEED TO EVEN STAND UP! JUST RELAX AND LOOK!

1.Purchase, New York, Richard and Holly Maass Gallery, SUNY, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577. In "Infobabble" Group show curated by Aaron Rose with Mike Mills, Stephen Powers, Brian Donnelly (KAWS), Cynthia Connolly, Shepard Fairey.EXHIBITION DATES: Tuesday, January 30 - March 6 2007opening reception: Tuesday, January 30th 5-7PM.

2.Arlington, Virginia, ARLINGTON ARTS CENTER - 3550 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia, 22201. (Near the Virginia Square metro at the corner of Wilson and Monroe Streets. )EXHIBITION DATES: February 6 - March 31, 2007, hours of operation: Tuesday - Saturday 11-5 PM.opening reception: Friday, February 9th, 6-9PM


influenced by punk - me too - let's read about it

Babylon's Burning: From Punk to Grungeby Clinton Heylin

at the mohawk last night - i was

wow. last night had the privilege of hanging with some peeps at the mohawk, (which through the sound of people talking there it is coming into its own and is developing a really nice scene and regulars, cheers to those guys) there was a packed list full of nice bands. But i must admit, my favorites emerge as white denim. hot.hot.

introduced to me by their friends at a parlor show in october, they have been practicing and it shows. These guys,(steve, josh, james) are really talented and quietly emerging into a scene of their own. Watch out for them in SXSW, if you get a chance to see them expect some really well crafted original sound, with high energy. rumor has it there you might see them at the mohawk in that case, i hope to see you all there. support local good music like these guys.

wo wo wo - woxy

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
had the pleasure of meeting some of these guys yesterday, wanted to give them a spot plug. woxy, internet radio, nice.

look right here - now smile

nice installations , bill sullivan out of nyc. via archinect

hey. yeah you. hey you on the left - likey the work

Monday, January 22, 2007
from all the way from there plasma studio. nice.

in houston - at rice - so are balls and nogues

Friday, January 19, 2007
in the rice school of architecture gallery look around, rip curl canyon exists by balls and nogues out of L>A. go see it.

lu la la la - lula marcondes

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
lula is friend around town, here in austin. originally from brazil, he does a lot of wonderful paintings, large scale art, and more......

in austin 01 17 07 - go here

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

holy modal rounders tonight in austin. THOUGHTBARN did the poster/flyer, come on down, family event.

thought you were a builder - they are too, robots

well. i guess the days of labor unions and skilled human workers could be somewhat irrelevant in the future. the future. robots can build too.

in the news - hawkflight is catching some images

Monday, January 15, 2007
hawkflight, a new years installation done by: trent davies, robert gay, jack sanders has been the prop for some pics lately for cut club. and in the austinist news blog a while back...

oh oh oh oh - white denim me likey

Saturday, January 13, 2007
i most post about these guys who i think are going to be real good. just my two cents, based out of austin. introduced by some peeps of mine (thanks) and playing around town in small rooms and rockin clubs, white denim.

thought it was a UFO - no just a banana

Monday, January 08, 2007
well i have to say this will be interesting to see the development and execution of such an odd little bit of life. but hats off!, seriously! take your hat off so you can see what is in the sky... check it. (geostationary banana over texas)

new austin club of the year - mohawk

Saturday, January 06, 2007
well you have to love some good attention, the mohawk and all the boys get props from the austin chronicle.

there are plenty of new additions in the works for the mohawk, notably the addition of a happy hour in the newly established grizzly bar.

need art for a bikeway - call us

a project we are working on made the news the other day, albeit missing some important facts like who is designing it, although it states wilbur smith associates,, it rather should read: leah davis, robert gay, jack sanders (nextproject design collective)...

at any rate the proposal is linked up through my site located here

Artwork will line the Lance Armstrong Bikeway
News 8 Austin by Reagan Hackleman

The bikeway named after seven-time Tour de France champion and Austin local Lance Armstrong is still more than a year away from being complete.

But the city is almost done planning the artwork that will adorn the six-mile route.

The Lance Armstrong Bikeway (LAB) has been in the planning stages since 2000, but the idea for artwork has only been part of the plan for about two years.

"Certainly, here in Austin this is a first of its kind," Arts in Public Places Administrator Megan Crigger said.

South Carolina-based Wilbur Smith Associates was hired by the city to design the bikeway.

The route will stretch from MoPac and Lake Austin Boulevard through downtown along Fifth Street to Highway 183 in East Austin. (A .pdf map is available here.)

Along the way there will be three "tunnels" - square Slinky-like coils that are 12 feet high, 32 feet long and 6 feet across.

"They're sort of sculptural points that give access to pedestrians and bikers to the bikeway," Crigger said.

The bikeway will consist of a combination of off-street concrete trails, on-street striped bike lanes and on-street signed bike routes.

Once cyclists are pedaling down the bikeway, they won't be getting lost. There will be 10 large yellow paintings on the roads and concrete bike trails marking where they are and how far they've gone. If cyclists miss those, they probably won't miss the eight yellow mile markers.

One of the three coil-shaped 'tunnels'

Finally, if cyclists need to stop and take a break, they'll be able to use the six benches that double as bike racks.

"I think it's a very good way to bring art and cycling together.
It's nice to have artwork around our city," cyclist Nadia Kean said.

The artwork is expected to be approved by the Art in Public Places Commission on Thursday. It will receive final approval from the Austin City Council. Constrction on the Lance Armstrong Bikeway is scheduled to get started in the spring and be completed in 2008

yeah i know, well i did it anyway - check it

Friday, January 05, 2007
the web version 2.0 has been the big deal circulating many of the papers and peeps alike, the proliferation of the democratic space, the place we can enjoy and watch ourselves poop on each other. and of course the place where we say thanks for the add.

so if you haven't maybe you shouldn't, just wait for 3.0

got the dollars for some primo design - visit these boys in austin

burton baldridge architects design build - bba db they are across the street from uchi.

you likey them too - black angels from austin

black angels , my likey, look for the them coming your way soon! especially everyone on the other side of the pond, but they are playing a show in austin.

thought it was 2006 last time you wrote a check - me too welcome to 2007

of course everyone is doing something new for the new year. so shall i, sure, let's start adding these to the mix. click on image to animate