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observational things in the world

live in san antonio - well sorry to hear that.

Monday, July 31, 2006
dear san antonio, i hope to never cross your borders again.

take pictures of alabama bldgs - i do, he has longer

Friday, July 21, 2006
william christenberry has two shows going on at the moment on the east coast, must see.

got a bum hip - he does

floyd oh floyd you are so fast.
so much for lance.

via bnj.

invited to the white house-they were, they said no.

Thursday, July 20, 2006
a group of award winning graphic artists turned down an invitation to the white house..good for them.

via. designobserver.....

land art - want some, do this

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

going green - we are, they are now

to throw some cynical words into the air. newsweek hits on some issues, that is showing that going green is great!...and that the united states is finally catching on, what a load of horse shit. but thank god the capitalist powerhouse of the world has finally decided to shift its approach. now we are just about 20 years behind europe.

In austin 07.07.06 - we are - come party with us.

Thursday, July 06, 2006
Three Days Jam: Friday July 7th, 2006. 7pm to 2am.Red’s Scoot Inn.

As some of you might know and some might not, thebicentennial babies are now becoming grown-ups. Wehave all hit the ripe age of 30, so watch out we arecoming. To celebrate this we are having an event inhonor of all of you that have made this transition aswell, but focusing on four lads who have now foundthemselves planting seeds in Austin, Texas: JohnHart Asher, Sam Douglas, Robie Gay and Jay Sanders.

To provide you with one f-in good time true Austinstyle we are putting on a night at the Red’s Scoot Innon Friday July 7, 2006, 7pm – 2am. We will start the night off with some bbq provided by(chef John Hart Asher), garnished with some no mic,hollerin’ country music (old school style), withspecial out of town guests. After you have beenprimed by the roots of our region, we climb up to TheSteps, the local young boys who will rock the tar outof your pants until 9:30pm.

Then we end the night (10pm – 2am) with some Austinphenoms, Waxploitation!, who spin some old, old,school junk from the days that we were born, 70’s. Along with the historical figure MC Obatala, theypromise to offer the sickest set of non-stop fun in atrue block party style event that will make us wish were turning 30 everyday.

We will have events going on all weekend that amuseand showcase some of our peeps from around town, but you have to come to the first night to get the digs oneverything.

So with that said I hope everyone is well and hope tosee you all there. Bring presents, If you need anymoreinformation email me. Pass along to your friends aswell, let’s have some fun. Thanks.

Bring Cash, Red’s Scoot Inn serves really icy coldbeer and set-ups, so if you want some flavor bring it.

Directions/Updates/Web Link:http://www.thoughtbarn.com/3daysjam.html