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observational things in the world

in londontown, i am . do this

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
so i have been over the pond for about 6 days now, and have finally had a chance to lay down some words... world cup anyone, well, let's see what the brits think of us .

also if you are in or close to london, the end of the year shows are in full force. will be accompanying many to see friends who are showing at them, bartlett friday night , london met thursday night..

london bienalle is full force. (thanks to all who attended lecture)

the lips are playing saturday, hyde park.

tate has rotated their collection.

future city is on at the barbican

V&A is hosting a modernism exhibit.

so summer is in full swing here, and the weather is actually stunning.

movie - in NYC - see this

Wednesday, June 07, 2006
via our friend the "wizard", sam douglas filmmaker genius. see this it is bound to be awesome.

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS... BOUND TO LOSE Starring The Holy Modal Rounders, Sam Shepard and Dennis Hopper

MARK YOUR CALENDERS for the NEW YORK CITY PREMIERE! INDEPENDENTS NIGHT AT LINCOLN CENTER THURSDAY JUNE 29th AT 6:30PM Party/performance to follow with Peter Stampfel of the Rounders + Friends. More details soon... Buy advance tickets here: http://filmlinc.com/wrt/indie/holymodal.html "Disturbing, delightful, disturbing, never boring." - Greil Marcus "Charged with alternating currents of affection, exuberance and ineffable melancholy, "The Holy Modal Rounders ... Bound to Lose" offers an intriguing overview of the cult-fave combo that improbably evolved from an acoustic duo to a psychedelic country-folk-rock band." - Variety When fiddler Peter Stampfel collided with guitarist Steve Weber during the "Great Folk Scare" of the early sixties in New York, the two musicians formed a powerful bond based on their shared fascination with American roots music and early psychedelia. Dubbing themselves The Holy Modal Rounders, these eccentric outsiders have drawn a dedicated following of luminaries and lunatics. From their origins in New York’s Greenwich Village folk scene and their involvement in the Easy Rider soundtrack, to the lost years of constant drugging, endless touring and a final shot at redemption, The Holy Modal Rounders… Bound To Lose recounts the unique forty-year history of these true American originals. With startling intimacy, the film also documents the band’s arduous, amusing, and sometimes heartbreaking struggle to capitalize on their recent resurgence in popularity, culminating in an unpredictable 40th anniversary concert in Portland, Oregon. More than just a chronicle of an obscure band, The Holy Modal Rounders… Bound To Lose is a raucous celebration of a lost American outlaw subculture as it draws its final rebellious breaths. BOUND TO LOSE features endearing and hilarious appearances by playwright (and former Rounders drummer) Sam Shepard, Dennis Hopper, John Sebastian of The Lovin’ Spoonful, Peter Tork of the Monkees, The Fugs, Loudon Wainwright III, Dave Van Ronk, Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo, Wavy Gravy and many many more.

This labor of love was six years in the making, and marks the feature film debut of co-directors Sam Wainwright Douglas and Paul Lovelace. For more information please visit: http://filmlinc.com/wrt/indie/holymodal.html

tired of your diet - eat this

brought to you by jay sanders:


monkey chow. yummy. put hot sauce on it.

in austin 06.09.06 - dance this.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
need something to do on friday night in austin. come see these guys, a great pre-cursor to the "three days jam", soon to be released. the funnest thing i have done in a while.

( ( ( THIS FRIDAY NITE!!! ) ) ) WAXPLOITATION! DJs present ***A SOUL HAPPENING*** 4 DJs spinning the rarest, heaviest Soul, Funk & Boogaloo all nite long with your Maestro of Ceremonies: OBATALLAH Friday, June 9, 9:30 p.m. unitl ??? @ The Red Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th Street—4 blocks East of I-35) $$ no cover charge $$ Ice cold beer & set-ups available at 2 bars all nite long! War in the Middle East… Gas prices sky high… Corruption in the White House… It’s gonna be a long hot summer in America. Escape the blazing city streets and put your worries on hold! Let music take your mind and Get Down to the Stone Sounds of the Original Superheavy Soul! Little Danny, Greg Most, Dr. Rhythm and the Legendary Mystery Guest have combed the countryside and beat the city streets to bring you only the deepest, heaviest SUPER HEAVY FUNK & SOUL ever laid in wax! No disco or hiphop, just THE REAL ORIGINAL UNCUT FUNK! All of this PLUS your Maestro of Ceremonies--a man who was on the scene then and MAKES the scene today--OBATALLAH presides over the dancefloor. Get up! Get into it! and GET ON DOWN! at the STONE SOUL PARTY guaranteed to BLOW YOUR MIND!!! ((( System provided by Superbad Soundwoman Chris Payeur from The Parish! )))

need some travel ideas - read this

if you are looking for some good ideas on what to do with your summer, check out the beacon lives. (started by the phenom jack sanders) it has some great word of mouth, off the wall, take your clothes off, good times, offered by the smartest, most ambitous people you probably don't know...

check it here

music - in austin 06/03/06 - do this

Friday, June 02, 2006
film school - emo's , see you there.

music - listen to it

american analog set - texas based band. austin.