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observational things in the world

some new orleans rebuilding information - make it

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
information on new orleans, community groups re-building etc. , design/build mexico participant mark tirkpak, some interestin work going on.
lucy begg - did some work with neighborhood stories, etc. visit her here http://www.mappinglucy.blogspot.com for more information.

also visit http://virtualhana.blogspot.com for some interesting work from london/alabama.

email from mark tirkpak.

Hi all!I just got back from a week-long volunteer trip in New Orleans with a few other students - namely, Sam Schonzeit & Megan Clark. It was a chance to connect with some UTSOA alum (including CRP grad Ellen Wilmer) and to learn a little bit more about some of the non-profit work that is taking place in the city - along with contributing some "sweat equity."We were housed during our stay by The Green Project - www.thegreenproject.org- in simple but very decent (ac, kitchen access, bathrooms & showers) accommodations. The majority of our volunteer work in NO consisted of assisting the Green Project's recently formed de-construction crew with a "skim" - removing architecturally important elements from a house slated for demolition. The skim was performed at the request of the homeowner, and we primarily removed moulding and window units and salvaged major utilities - including second floor window ac units and large kitchen appliances.Unfortunately, we weren't able to assist with a true de-construction - but we got the sense that not many organizations in town are doing de-con or even skim work; this includes the local Habitat for Humanity. However, I heard on returning that Common Ground - www.commongroundrelief.org has been doing de-con in the lower 9th.The de-con crew that we worked with consisted of 3 young men trained by the Rebuilding Center of Portland, OR - http://www.rebuildingcenter.org/and their work has been supplemented by www.mercycorps.orgAs an FYI, the crew mentioned that they tend to salvage an overabundancy of window sills and oak wood flooring. This might be useful to consider in furniture and/or other design from re-claimed NO materials. The Green Project itself started in the mid-1990's as a neighborhood paint recycler. It grew to become a recycling center, office space for various non-profits (including the LA "bucket brigade" - featured in the movie "Blue Vinyl"), a "re-store," a recycle for the arts program, and now a garden center and de-construction crew.The Green Project welcomes volunteers - and is currently seeking assistance with its garden center and de-construction work. Please contact their volunteer coordinator for details.While working with the Green Project, we also attempted to create a shade structure for their rooftop ac unit, to try to help them lower their energy costs. Their acting warehouse manager was excited by the concept, and he plans to work with the prototype that we created from donated items to develop a more permanent (and organizational board-approved) shade structure.In addition, during our last few days in New Orleans, we had the chance to volunteer with Citybuild - www.citybuild.org - a new organization attempting to serve as a clearinghouse for all the various architectural and planning programs hoping to do hands-on work in New Orleans. Recent UTSOA grad Sarah Gamble is helping to facilitate this organization as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. Through work with Citybuild, we had the chance to assist briefly with a project in the 9th ward - in partnership with K-State (Manhattan, KS), and with a community garden project in the 7th ward - in partnership with the Porch Cultural Organization - http://neworleansnetwork.org/?q=node/950One of the founders of Citybuild, Dan Etheridge - also has expertise in bio-remediation, and would be a good contact for landscape architecture students or faculty members interested in projects in NO or other storm-hit areas.We also had the chance for touring and enjoying the city. We spent an afternoon exploring the inner city on bicycle - including the riverwalk and visiting the non-profit Plan B - the New Orleans Community Bike Projecthttp://planb.bikeproject.org/In addition, we planted some crepe myrtle trees in the historical 7th ward, with the co-director of the Neighborhood Story Project - http://www.neighborhoodstoryproject.org/about.htmlThis could be an interesting project for CRPers to follow up with - esp. students interested in the intersections of youth development and community development The French Quarter was incredibly lively, and we had the chance to enjoy beignets and latte at Cafe du Monde before catching the Rebirth Brass Band for a blistering evening set- an apt ending to an incredible week.Many "thank-you's" to all of our hosts. It took about 10 hrs each way and $100 in gas RT to make the trip (thank you, Honda civic!) . Housing was provided at no charge in exchange for our volunteering, but I made a donation of foodstuffs and cooking utensils and appliances for the kitchen to off-set our utility costs. I'm considering making an additional contribution to www.nativeenergy.com to off-set the environmental costs of our 1100 mile drive.Our hosts wanted to make sure that we got the word out that they are interested in supporting a plethora of UT and/or UT-related New Orleans efforts - faculty, student, and "other." If you need help connecting with any of the organizations listed above, please feel free to contact me.I'm personally interested in helping to organize similar week-long experiences for Katrina evacuees - and/or getting more evacuees involved in the rebuilding process (and re-connecting with the city) - potentially beginning next Spring. It is a great place to visit and lend a hand. Hope you continue to have a great summer!Mark Tirpak(512) 380-1051 - skype: mark.tirpak (you can reach me at this number on the road and while I'm in Brazil).PS - I would love to hear more about the work that various UTSOA courses and studios completed this semester related to New Orleans - and/or what's planned for the summer and fall. Could you share what was accomplished / what's on the horizon via the next Enews?

In Mississippi ? - do this

email via carol mockbee:

In the mid-`90s the music world was shaken up by the raw sounds of North Mississippi blues icons R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Othar Turner. Although each of the men had been playing their distinctive styles for decades, it wasn't until relatively recently that their music received broader acclaim.These elder statesmen have all since passed, but their music lives on through their contemporaries, family members, and disciples. On July 3 these local traditions will be celebrated at the first annual North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic in Potts Camp, Mississippi, located just southeast of Holly Springs. The festival's lineup presents the best of the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues tradition as well as some special guests from outside the area. Acts already confirmed include:Bobby Rush Jimbo Mathus & Knockdown SouthDuwayne Burnside & the Mississippi MafiaKenny Brown BandBurnside Exploration (Gary and Cedric Burnside)"T Model" Ford (with Spam)David KimbroughCary HudsonRising Star Fife and Drum Band (led by Othar Turner's granddaughter Sharde)Robert BelfourThe festival is the brainchild of Potts Camp resident Kenny Brown, who has witnessed first-hand the world-wide appeal and influence of Hill Country Blues through his long tenure with R.L. Burnside and travels with his own band."I got to thinking about how much the music from this area has influenced so many, and although there are a lot of festivals around, no one was focusing on real Hill Country Blues. Everyone I mentioned it to thought it should be done. So here it is.," says Brown. "We've got a real good line up & we hope people will come out & enjoy the music, food and fireworks."The festival will take place on an 1100 acre site in the rolling hills of Potts Camp, just south of Route 78 off of highway 349. Gates open at 12 noon. Admission to the festival is $15 per person, $5 per cooler. Attendees are reminded that no glass is allowed. Typical North Mississippi cuisine including barbeque, goat, catfish, and watermelon will be for sale on the premises. This festival is run by the non-profit organization North MS Hill Country Picnic, Inc.For more information on the festival visit


do this saturday.

Friday, May 26, 2006
sent by gallery lombardi-austin texas - do it

Hi there, There are four "calls for entry" deadlines way down in this email, so don't be afraid to scroll, I'm bike obsessed, I can't help it. Yellow Bike Austin is 9 years old. Is it a tween? or just a fine testament to the volunteer ism that continues to run rampant in Austin. This Sat. May 27th - 6pm till 11pm YELLOW BIKE BIRTHDAY ART SHOW AT LOMBARDI Step 1. bling up your ride and yourself Step 2. bike on over to Gallery Lombardi Step 3. hang out & talk about Biker Art, Art Bikes, Yellow Art, Yellow Bikes or anything bike related Live music starts early at 6pm sets by: Attack Formation, Assacre, Attic Ted, La Mancha, Attic Ted & Arab League (http://thearableague.org) Artworks of many media will be for sale. Artists Include: Kenneth Allen, Ethan Azarian, Eric Berger, Stacia Bowley, Julie Bracken, Jaclyn Campanaro, Keely Chantelup, Lisa Choinacky, Ryan Christensen, Ed Davis, Alison deMaintenon, Jessica Douglas, Lorene Espineli, Greg Geisler, Barry George, Lee Gresham, Jacieua Juanki, Molly McCommons, David Ohlerking II, Justin Parr, Reed Posey, Agustina Rodriguez, Megan Rucker, Jennifer Schaffer, Christina Simon, Katherine Strickland, Antonia Torres, Teddy Vuong, Dustin Wade, Chrystal Webb, Sabina Yannone This is a free family event, donations are welcomed. The event will serve not only as a celebration of the project's longevity but also as a benefit for it's current endeavors, which include donating reconditioned bikes to local elementary schools and Special Olympics participants, maintaining two open-to the-public workshops where anyone can learn how to build and maintain a bike, as well as cranking out a dozen old-fashioned Yellow Bikes every month. check it: http://www.austinyellowbike.org Gallery Lombardi...the right side of the tracks 910 West Third Street, Austin, TX 78703 512-481-1088 http://www.gallerylombardi.com hours: tues-sat noon-6pm

participating in spaces for action - lucy begg

check out lucy begg. she has a quite interesting project in the works at mappinglucy.blogspot.com, if you need anymore information about her work visit spaces for action.

she was awarded the branner prize from uc berkeley school of architecture for good reason. she is awesome. contact her to tell her where to go next.

alabama prison arts program - pass along to interesting people

an email from natalie chanin (runs an amazing fashion outfit out of florence, alabama) if you know of anyone interested in this please contact kyes stevens (went to high school with her), props to alabama.

My friend Kyes runs the Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project through Auburn University. They are in the process of making a 6-8 minute video clip on our programming to use with increasing awareness as well as for fundraising. They have run into some bumps and need some help to finish up the project. The majority of the footage has been completed but they definitely need someone to edit and do the music/sound. They have a very limited budget - $4000 for everything. . This is an amazing program which provides classes in poetry, art, southern literature and photography for inmates. They also work to develop reading libraries in 15 prisons in Alabama. The work that they are doing is changing lives. I have visited one of Kyes’ many projects and it is truly amazing what they have accomplished. There is a terrific book (Into Daylight) which is a compilation of poetry and drawings from inmates who have been through their program that is available, and the program is in the process of producing the next collection of students’ work: Fold. All of this to say, if anyone knows of someone who would be willing to help, please contact Kyes Stevens stevemk@auburn.eduOr email me and I can put you in touch. Here is their website: www.auburn.edu/cah/apaep
Sorry for the bulk mail but thanks for your help!

Best,Natalie Chanin


Thursday, May 25, 2006
saw a really good movie on saturday, one of the best i have seen in a while
the devil and daniel johnston


psychic ills - new york band (interesting, saw them in an abandoned 70's storage unit complex in east austin duringsxsw)

ghostland observatory - austin band (these guys are getting a lot attention here now, they are fun)

welcome to world - generalrinse

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